La Posta

One of the most beautiful wine labels (proven!)

Imported By: Vine Connections

Winemaker: Luis Reginato

Specializes In: Argentinian Malbec

Our Story

Escape to Argentina (virtually) with La Posta wines, where each grape grower is celebrated by naming the wine after them.

Argentina’s best small-family growers express their individual passions with single-grower, single-vineyard wines. Each wine named after a grower family demonstrates the wide range of Malbec aroma and flavor profiles generated by distinct Mendoza appellations.

La Posta translates to “the tavern,” where the farmers meet to discuss their soils, their vines, their quest for superior flavors, and their passions for life. In collaboration with wine pioneer Laura Catena and esteemed winemaker Luis Reginato, the hard work and skill of the people behind the wines are expressed in La Posta.

Great Gifting Bottles
Quality and price point that can't be beat!
All Star Team
A collaboration between wine pioneer Laura Catena and esteemed winemaker Luis Reginato
Beautiful Wine Label
The Fazzio Malbec won the World's Best Label Design award in 2016

Contact Us and FAQ

Vine Connections imports La Posta into the US and has a great team that’s eager to help and answer questions. Contact them on Instagram as @vine_connections