Help more wine lovers discover your wines.

We are making it easier for wineries to grow their Direct-to-Consumer audience by creating one platform for wine lovers to discover, shop and buy wines directly.

How does it work?

  1. Wineries add their products to our platform, and designate shipping and pricing.
  2. Wine lovers are able to shop and submit orders directly through The Shop platform.
  3. Orders and payments are routed directly to wineries, and wineries own the fulfillment, shipping and customer relationship after the payment.
Why does this work?

People care more and more about supporting small and local businesses (and we do to!). This platform helps them do that while bringing in new customers for producers.

Shopping direct is monumental for wineries and wine lovers. We’re taking out the middlemen, giving more back to producers (and importers), and connecting people with wines that aren’t easily accessible from the supermarket.

We work directly with wineries to make sure your content helps your wine put its best foot forward. Let’s share the facts and stories that make your wines unique, just like if you were tasting in person.

We’re creating an entirely new channel to help you sell your wine. Ready to be a part of it?