AJA Vineyards

A father-daughter duo making wine on the Malibu Coast

Located In: Malibu Coast

Specializes In: Single Vineyard Syrah

Our Story

Located in the serene nature of the Santa Monica Mountains one can find robust vineyards, fruiting endlessly and rapidly. AJA Vineyards was established in 2011 at the home of Todd and Heather Greenbaum and consists of three vineyards planted along the hillsides of their Malibu Estate. In 2007, carefully selected Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah vines were gently planted in the first vineyard, Pamela’s Vineyard. This vineyard is named after Todd’s mother whom is full of wisdom and love, anchoring the family with her compassion.

Family is very important to the AJA recipe. It is in the name. AJA is an acronym for the names of Todd and Heather’s three children, Alec, Jack, and Amanda. They continue to be the inspiration for their desire to live a robust and happy life – oh, and also to produce great wine! The children provide them with a sense of family that drives them to make something special.

When one tastes our wine, they catch the smell of sweetness, the taste of serenity, and a slight bitterness to remind us that at times, not everything is perfect. These elements are all harnessed in the passion to make great wine that brings friends and families together.

Small Producer
Produces 450 cases annually
Family Owned
Run by the Greenbaum family
Female Winemaker
Amanda Greenbaum, @sommthing.rad on Instagram

Contact Us and FAQ

Questions about our wine? We’d love to connect! Find us on Instagram as @ajavineyards or marketing@ajavineyards.com