The Shop is an extension of #SupportOurWineries.

an initiative created to connect people with wineries during crazy times.

We are making it easier for wine lovers to support wineries by shopping and buying wine directly.


When COVID caused wineries to close their tasting room doors, we created as a way to aggregate all the promos wineries were running to help people find ways to buy and support.

We’ve connected with hundreds of wineries and consumers through this initiative, and we’ve realized there’s more we can do. Wine shouldn’t be an abnormally challenging product to buy online – heck we buy mattresses online now! This platform is our first step to trying to make buying wine online easier, and we are excited for the journey ahead. Let’s keep #SupportingOurWineries and drinking better wine in the process!

The Shop Team

Rachel Woods

Wine + Product

Roald Schuring

Wine + Data

Albert R.

Wine + Engineering

Chantam Duong

Wine + Marketing

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