a way to discover new wineries and purchase from them directly.

We believe it should be simpler to connect with wineries, without making a trip to wine country.

What is The Shop?

What started as a COVID-19 project showed us how we can really make an impact. We’re on a mission to connect wineries with the community of people who inspire them. Read our story
Making wine shopping easier

We all want to support producers while drinking great wine. The Shop is our way to make that easier! We have a collection of unique producers ready to share their story with you.

Empowering direct-to-consumer

From the hands of the wineries to your front door. We’re eliminating the middlemen and giving back more to the producers (and importers). So they can focus on what they’re great at — making great wine.

Content from wineries themselves

Traditional retail channels make it hard to know what’s special about a wine. We focus on sharing the most interesting facts about the wines, curated from the wineries themselves.

… and we are just getting started!

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Why buy direct?

The traditional distribution channel for wine not only limits where wine is sold and who gets the profits, but if you think about it – it also limits how much we know about a wine.

It’s nearly impossible to get a comprehensive view of what makes a wine special just from the label. We’ve all felt it: the closer we get to the producers, the more we start to understand what a wine is all about.

Are you a winery looking to help consumers discover and buy your wines directly?

We are constantly working on adding more wines and wineries to our platform. Please join our waitlist and we will be in touch!